Advertising has been around since life itself.

If you have ever listened to birds chirping, heard a dog barking, or seen a peacock’s feathers, then you can understand that everything around you is trying to get something else’s attention. Basic instincts of all life on Earth require a certain skill to market for purposes of mating, eating, and warning of potential dangers.

Although mankind has evolved into incredibly intelligent beings and have developed the ability to land a man on the moon, we still use advertising in every day life and have developed businesses that necessitate marketing of goods and services to survive in our own way.

If business is how we trade goods and services for money so we can spend money on goods and services, then advertising is the motor that keeps the economy held together. If no one advertised, no one would know who to go to for what they need! Some businesses simply do it better than others, and they reap the rewards.

We want you to reap the rewards of high-quality, effective advertising, just as nature intended. Cassus Media offers several major options to help your business advertise, and is performed either in-house or by our trusted company partners.


Social media advertising is the newest form of marketing, but is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers anywhere in the world at any time of day. You can not only completely control the amount you spend on your advertising, but you can also target specific demographics of consumers based on their profiles, interests, and group or page involvement (and of course, Facebook is always listening through their smartphones which increases the chance of seeing your ads).

We have run dozens and dozens of advertising campaigns for our clients around the U.S. and even Europe. See how we can help your business explode with social media advertising!


Two of the biggest search engines are Google and Bing, obviously with Google being the largest. Both have their own separate advertising systems that allow businesses to set up paid advertising campaigns and reach billions of people across the world.

We’ve set up, developed creative, and managed paid advertising campaigns for dozens of clients since we were founded in 2017. Our clients trust us to help them build their business and manage their advertising campaigns across the World Wide Web!

If your organization needs a trusted partner to manage and run your advertising campaigns on Google and/or Bing, we can help you optimize your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and achieve the results you need to grow your profits.


Believe it or not, traditional radio is alive and well today. In an era of Spotify and Pandora streaming, you may not think that radio advertising is effective, but actually it’s simply compartmentalized into local markets instead of being listened to across the nation as it once was decades ago.

Just like television commercials, each radio channel is designed to mix entertainment and advertising to listeners. For most people, radio advertisements are one of the easiest ways to learn about local news and events if they don’t have the luxury of cable or dish television…and with the rise of video streaming services like Netflix, traditional television is slowly transforming.

We can develop completely custom radio advertisements from concept to production for your business. Learn more about how it works by clicking the button below!


Anytime you go anywhere, there’s an advertisement. No matter whether you live in the big city (actually, especially if you live there) or in an extremely rural area, you’re going to run into a roadside billboard.

Billboards use two things that make them extremely effective: their enormous size and the inevitability of passing traffic. This makes them 100% efficient when a consumer is traveling towards it. If the advertisement is effective, it could potentially result in business for the advertiser.

We partner with companies that specialize in billboard advertising placement, and we do the creative work to help your marketing “hit the road”! Learn how we can help your business grow with billboards.


Next to billboards are one of the next best ways to advertise your business – vehicle wrap designs.

When you see a great vehicle designed with colorful branding, it’s sure to turn heads – and the more attention your brand gets, the more business it receives. Your business could be advertising while your employees are driving around and it’s completely free once you invest in the intial design and installation of vehicle wraps.

Learn how we can help you find the best deals on vehicle wraps through our nationwide business network to help your organization advertise on the road, all day long.

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