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Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.

– David Alston

Social media is the FASTEST way to advertise.

Advertising requires carefully budgeting the best use of your marketing dollars so you can receive an almost immediate return on investment. When you advertise on social media, your customers are already there waiting for your business to come across their news feed…

…even if they don’t know it yet.

Put your marketing dollars to good use.

There are a few powerful platforms that you should focus on, and on each of these platforms it requires strategy and a keen understanding of the types of people that tend to congregate on each platform. Less than 10% of the population uses multiple social media accounts all the time; most use one platform such as Facebook or Twitter exclusively.

This means that when you’re spending your advertising budget, you have a much greater chance of reaching the audience you need to.

By effectively targeting the right audience, we’ve been able to scale our customers’ businesses by focusing on selective keywords and messaging that make an impact in terms of both metrics and emotion. When your marketing media is developed correctly and run at the correct times of day, especially when targeting the correct demographics, it could potentially set your business on FIRE.

We can help you scale your reach.

Cassus Media has worked with clients from the United States and Europe to help them scale their paid advertising campaigns on social media. No matter whether they’re marketing through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Snapchat, we can help your organization grow. Let’s get the conversation started!

Cassus Media is a full-service marketing and media agency headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. We have served business clients all over the world, and through our work we have been able to provide high-quality services to well-known brands.

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