50 Creative Ways to Earn Money Online

Below, I’ve compiled a list of 50 different ways I thought of to earn a living and get paid directly online. Many of these ideas have been proven to work – and quite well – by experienced internet entrepreneurs.

Remember, keep an open mind and see if any of these interest you!

  1. Sell online courses
  2. Create software/platform
  3. Sell downloadable templates
  4. Ask for donations via PayPal (for a worthy cause)
  5. Webinar access (payment gateway)
  6. Private consulting group (annual fee)
  7. Sell retail products online (Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, etc.)
  8. Sell services such as marketing, financial, consulting, etc.
  9. Affiliate commissions (Clickbank, etc.)
  10. AdSense earnings
  11. Sell eBooks
  12. Broker deals between retailers & suppliers
  13. Write blog articles and sell hyperlinks for SEO
  14. Sell audio soundtracks
  15. Sell beats/audio sample packs
  16. Start a podcast & get sponsored to promote products
  17. Write business plans for entrepreneurs
  18. Provide virtual assistant services
  19. Sell original photos & designs
  20. Sell stock videos & templates
  21. Sell ready-to-go blogs for websites
  22. Paid membership website
  23. Business listing directory (annual fee)
  24. Local job listing website for specific areas/cities
  25. Write grants/proposals for businesses
  26. YouTube & Twitch ad revenue
  27. Children’s unboxing/unwrapping videos (ad revenue)
  28. Develop an internet browser for the workplace (big $$$)
  29. Provide 3rd-party virtual customer service (contract with a company)
  30. Teach private lessons online for an instrument or voice
  31. Online virtual tutoring service
  32. Sell software presets (e.g., VST’s, Adobe software, etc.)
  33. Local grocery pickup & delivery (customer pays online)
  34. Local junk removal service (customer schedules & pays online)
  35. Launch a “donation site” for non-profits, take a % cut
  36. Start an online business networking group, pay to be a part of it
  37. Create & sell custom-ordered 3D printed designs
  38. Offer multiple website external hyperlinks for SEO
  39. Paid webcam shows (be careful with this one!)
  40. Resell domain names
  41. Virtual IT assistance
  42. Virtual salesperson
  43. Record narration of books or scripts
  44. Build websites for small businesses
  45. Create resumes for job seekers
  46. Computer repair service (pay, ship, fix, send back)
  47. App development service (coding knowledge needed)
  48. Virtual publisher (music, books, etc.)
  49. Online psychology/counseling services (check state & federal laws)
  50. Sell notes on school subjects for college students

Meet Paul.

Paul Cassarly is a U.S. Marine Veteran, entrepreneur, and musician living in Altoona, PA. He is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and holds a Bachelors of Music Production.

Paul has assisted businesses with their marketing needs throughout the U.S. and Europe. He founded Cassus Media in 2017 to give himself a creative outlet and forge his own career path.

Currently, Paul is involved in several business ventures and leads a busy life. He always makes sure to make time for his family and their two cats, Boo & Adora.

About Cassus Media

Founded by Paul Cassarly in 2017, Cassus Media is a marketing agency that is involved in various business ventures and provides website, audio, and video production services to small businesses around the U.S. Learn more 

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