7 Powerful Hacks to Increase Your Email Open Rate

Today is an age of amazing design and technological advances, especially considering where the Internet started in January 1983. We’ve certainly come a long way and developers across the world have crafted some extremely clever and powerful marketing tools for businesses in every industry.

However, one tool remains steadfast and just as effective: email.

Now although email has remained one of the most powerful digital marketing tools in today’s market, consumers have become familiar with scams and annoying junk mail; as such, they usually only open their close friend, family, and business contact emails.

How do you “break the ice” with a potential customer? Well, according to Flodesk.com there are seven powerful hacks you can use to get more emails opened, read, and responded to.

#1. Keep it short.

No one wants to read a lengthy email. Our attention spans have drastically decreased due to a flood of information coming at us every single day that we access the Internet, so you need to keep it simple and to-the-point.

#2. Capitalize only the first word.

When you email a friend or family member, you’re not going to write “Hello Joe How Are You” or “HEY JANE I LOVE THIS PICTURE OF YOU”.

Instead, most people expect something along the lines of “Hey I wanted to send you this photo” and in the email actually provide the information. Don’t scare your cold contacts – make it inviting to open and non-threatening.

#3. Add an emoji to stand out.

Gone are the days of boring emojis such as “:)”. These days, our devices can do some pretty amazing text tricks – not the least of which is the emoji.

Once in a while – in good taste – don’t be afraid to add a 😋 to your subject line (just don’t overdo it).

#4. Use action words.

When you want a reader to DO something with the information you’re giving them, give them the idea in the subject line first. It’ll take a few subconscious suggestions before your readers will be likely to take action, so for instance you could include something like “Open now to get 25% off this deal” or “Read this article and learn how to make money online” in your subject line.

In the body of your email, don’t be afraid to repeat this call to action (CTA) a few times with links to wherever you want your reader to go.

#5. Create some urgency.

Urgency is one of the most powerful (and arguably common) marketing tactics in every medium. The same can be applied to your email subject line, such as “Today only 75% off all blue products” or “Get this deal by midnight or miss out” to urge your readers to read your email and click the included links.

*Tip: The acronym “FOMO” stands for Fear of Missing Out, and is a psycho-social trick in marketing that’s also proved effective with urgency-based approaches (i.e., “do this now or you’ll never get another chance”).

#6. Avoid the spam filter.

Most people have no idea why their email ends in spam and/or junk folders, but a large part of it has to do with where your email is coming from. If your MX (mail exchange) servers aren’t providing a secure connection when received by your readers’ email client, then it may sort it into their Spam folder and 9.9/10 will never be opened.

Of course, your subject line has a lot to do with this as well. Have you ever seen a spam email with letters like the ones below (ASCII letters)? Those will immediately get you put into Spam.

#7. Personalize your subject line.

As social creatures, our attention is immediately directed toward anything that has to do with us – it’s a basic fight or flight response, tied to our direct need for survival.

It sounds a little too deep, but here’s why it’s an important fact to know.

When you see your name in an email, it captures your attention before any other emails. So, if you want the same effect on your readers, send an email to a specific person with their name in the subject line. For instance, instead of writing “You could save 50% on blue widgets” your subject line would be more powerful by adding something like, “Hey Paul, you could save 50% on blue widgets”.


Use these tips to help you craft better emails and get more cold contact responses. (I have to thank Flodesk.com for this information – luckily their email didn’t end up in my Spam box, and there’s a good reason why! I would definitely check them out if you get the time, although I don’t get any kind of benefit from recommending them except for the fact that you benefit from their service.)

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