How To Increase Your Online Sales

There’s nothing more frustrating than building a website, turning on some ads, networking on LinkedIn and Facebook, and…nothing happens.

No visitors. No traffic. Just static silence.

You have a GREAT brand, AWESOME advertisements, and an EXCITING and ATTRACTIVE marketing message. Why won’t anyone bite?

You need to know what your customers want.

Before you launch a product, service, or even a business itself, the most important word you need to truly understand is DEMAND.

Think of it this way – all pets need food, right? Every creature needs food, in fact, but you can’t just feed a cat celery or a give a dog chocolate (definitely don’t ever, EVER do that). They all have their preferences, and you need to know what those preferences are before you feed them.

Establish a method of market research.

No matter whether you choose to ask family members, friends, colleagues, or complete strangers, it’s vital that you understand if what you want to sell is even worth the effort.

You may absolutely love selling baseball cards, and there’s definitely a market for it. However, if you run a Facebook ad without targeting the right audience then you’re wasting your time and money.

Instead, use a service like Survey Monkey to collect information about what your customers want instead of what you think they want.

Automate your business processes.

Collecting Information: Depending on your industry, you’re going to have different types of questions and lead information that you need to collect. For example, if you are an attorney seeking new clients, you’ll need to obtain NPII (Non-Public Identifiable Information) to draft a case for your client.

How do you collect this information without having to ask for it personally? The answer’s simple: provide many, many forms throughout your website that all flow into a CRM of some kind, or at the very least goes into a specific email inbox folder (that way you don’t have dozens of random emails that you have to sort through later).

Reaching Out & Reminding: Keep in mind that not only do you have to collect information, but once you have it you need to do something with that data pot of gold. If you’ve ever heard the term “retargeting” (also known as “remarketing”) and wonder why marketers talk about it so much, it’s because you want to establish an automated system that keeps marketing back to previous and/or interested customers.

Funneling Leads: There’s a very good reason why click funnels seem to be so popular. Click funnels are essentially landing pages that do the selling for you without your customers ever having to talk to a live human being. Sounds a bit far-fetched, but when you have an attractive offer (say, something for free) and then upsell one, two, or even three times before they get to checkout? Well, it works and has made billions of dollars for entrepreneurs around the world.

Closely monitor & adjust your overall progress.

One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is assuming that they’re doing well…that is, until they can’t pay a bill and wonder what happened.

You see, without data analysis, marketing is almost impossible to accomplish effectively.

Think about it: why are so many people turning their businesses toward internet-only operations? It’s because online businesses can track who is buying and who isn’t (plus there’s the nice perk of really low overhead).

Sure, people still listen to the radio and watch television, but those systems cannot accurately track who has ears and eyeballs on the messaging. Online advertisements can not only track this data, but it can even pinpoint locations, time of day, IP addresses, gender, interests, keywords, patterns, and so much more.

Never stop.

If running a business was easy, everyone would do it. Unfortunately it’s not, so it takes guts and determination to keep everything running as smoothly as possible (and it sometimes isn’t). Remember: quitters can’t win, so you might as well keep going until you succeed.

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