The way Christians worship may be different,
but the Word of the Lord never changes.

Worship has changed, and yet it’s stayed the same.

Some of us worship traditionally, while others have found faith in modern ministries. We believe that having a website that accurately reflects your church’s way of praising God will help you bring more believers back to the faith.

Traditional Churches

Congregations that practice traditional structures of worship stemming from the Roman, Orthodox, Lutheran, and other denominations fall into this category.

Modern Ministries

Christian congregations that praise God in a flexible worship service based around the Holy Spirit, spiritual fervor, and other charismatic-like atmospheres.

Focus on worship.

Provide the resources your congregation needs so they’re ready to receive the Word of God every week. Increase fellowship and engagement by providing a platform for your members.

Accept collections online.

Not everyone is able to tithe to their church during collection. Allow your followers to give freely and privately online, and even put funds toward a particular church goal such as new hymnals or musical instruments.

Only $500. No monthly fees.

Get FREE hosting with your purchase and full administrative access. We even offer training to help your church’s administrative staff navigate its new website.

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