When a legal U.S. business entity orders a service from Cassus Media LLC:

  • We cannot guarantee that any website, audio file, video, graphic, or blog will attract new customers to your business. Many factors are included in this, such as market demand, quality of your product/service, your public image and/or reputation, pricing, branding styles, messaging, etc.
  • By visiting our website, you understand that once your 50% deposit is made and Cassus Media LLC begins work on your ordered service(s), you cannot cancel your order and request a refund. This is outlined in your service contract before work begins. If you request to cancel your project, we will hold the files for up to one (1) calendar year in the event that you choose to finish it.
  • We guarantee the quality of our work to the extent of our talent. By ordering from Cassus Media LLC, you trust that we are fully capable of creating quality digital assets for your business. However, we cannot guarantee your customers’ reactions or attractedness to your brand.

For any questions or concerns about these disclaimers, please contact Paul Cassarly by emailing contact@cassusmedia.com.

About Cassus Media

Founded by Paul Cassarly in 2017, Cassus Media is a marketing agency that is involved in various business ventures and provides website, audio, and video production services to small businesses around the U.S. Learn more 

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