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Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social buzzword can be a substitute for that.

– Anthony Volodkin, founder of HypeMachine

You can sell just about anything with an online store.

When one thinks of eCommerce, the first website that comes to mind is Jeff Bezos has created a multi-billion dollar empire by connecting buyers with sellers and reaping profits from their labor. The thing is, Amazon itself may appear to be an eCommerce website – yes, now they have a few big products like the Amazon Echo – but from the very beginning Amazon has always been the middleman.

YOU are the one who actually has an eCommerce business.

By definition, an eCommerce store is direct-to-consumer: your customer visits your website, checks out online, and has the product shipped to them and everything is managed by the store owner.

Whether or not your eCommerce store is a dropshipping model (where products orders are sent directly to the manufacturer and shipped to the consumer from their warehouse) or the traditional model (the store owner purchases bulk units of products, stores them somewheres, and handles all shipping & logistics), an eCommerce store has the potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue for a single individual.

Get it right the first time.

There are many mistakes that you can make when building an eCommerce store, and the first offense is simply bad design.

The second? Bad functionality.

It would be preferable to have a badly-designed eCommerce website that works from first visit to final checkout than to have a beautiful website that doesn’t work at all.

Both of these problems exist in abundance across the internet, and it creates both a logistical and PR nightmare for eCommerce owners. Our goal is to help these business owners – entrepreneurs like YOU – get everything right the first time around so you can go about posting products and worrying about fulfilling orders.

The third issue that many eCommerce store owners run into is security, and this is a bigger problem than one might believe. If a hacker has installed software to track customer purchases on your website, you may be unknowingly giving credit card and banking information freely to the dark web for criminals to use.

It’s a scary thought, but not something we haven’t already thought of.

Let’s work together to build an eCommerce store that’s fast, functional, beautiful, and safe for your visitors to use.

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