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“In an era of big data, the value of government data has gone up, not down.”

– Julia Coronado, University of Texas at Austin

The people deserve an easy government experience.

As a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), we understand how government works in the United States on Federal, State, and Local levels. Citizens need easy access to information and resources for day-to-day business with these governing agencies, and a website is usually the first place they look.

The problem is that many government websites aren’t easy to use.

Digital strategists from states, cities and counties charged with refreshing websites are seeking to develop platforms that are more streamlined, citizen-centric, mobile-friendly and less likely to grow obsolete in a few years. Many sites designed before 2007 have not been updated to reflect the fact that a large percentage of citizens access their portal on a mobile device.

In November 2019, – the Federal government contracting bidding system – gave itself a major rebranding facelift to (soon to be the normal website).

It’s time that your department gave itself an upgrade.

If you work in government, then your department may be in need of a digital facelift. Why else would you be reading this?

The complaint many citizens have – it’s almost cliche, really – is that governmental organizations have no imagination, they’re slow to adapt, everything is bogged down in red tape and regulations, and on and on.

The red tape is there for a reason: you’re spending our hard-earned tax dollars, and it must be budgeted and spent carefully to benefit the people working in your department and the public of interest that you serve. Your department cannot help the public more effectively if your department isn’t effective, though – which is why a modern, easily-nagivated website is a great place to start.

Let’s work together and provide easy-to-access information.

When someone visits a government website, they’re not there to be entertained; they need to either be provided with information or use the website for an important task.

For instance, college students use to apply for Federal student loans. Business owners in Pennsylvania use to search entities and complete necessary legal documents. Locals in Cobb County, GA use to register to vote or even adopt a pet.

No matter what level of government you work in, we can provide a secure, fast, and modern website to help you serve the public better.


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