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“You shouldn’t need a manual to use the intranet!”

– Saketa, Microsoft Company Partner

Employees need systems that are easy to use.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the intranet is defined as “a local or restricted communications network, especially a private network created using World Wide Web software”. In other words, it’s an internal internet for use by specific people.

No matter what industry you’re in – technology, restaurant, or even construction – your employees need to be able to have access to a company-only system that allows them to view job-critical information, access payroll and financial information, and digital tools for job-specific functions.

For instance, let’s take a server at a restaurant. He or she just finished training on the job, but cannot remember specific ingredients for a certain menu item. If he or she were able to access a mobile version of your company intranet, log in, and view the ingredients used in a certain dish, they could potentially avoid serving something to a customer that they might be allergic to. With a busy dining floor, they could log into the mobile version of the company website and in under 60 seconds gain the information they need.

Intranet, then, can serve as not only an important resource for their own on-the-job use, but help them avoid life-threatening decisions for customers that otherwise have no knowledge of what they’re being sold.

Now, that example is a bit extreme, but the principle remains that if a company intranet allows information to be accessed almost instantaneously, it not only saves time and money for a company but also prevents loss of assets and public scrutiny.

Intranet means security.

The purpose of an intranet system is to be a secure, internal digital resource only accessible by authorized individuals and parties directly involved with business.

Many companies still rely on simple server access points to provide the necessary resources for a company to function. In fact, many organizations simply provide a remote server to access certain programs if they are not on-site, centrally-connected hardware systems.

Since most companies use Microsoft PC’s, this means adding a remote drive directly connected to employee computers.

A more secure way to operate would be to have a central website accessible by any employees, subconcontractors, vendors, etc. that have a “need to access” and are provided with unique login credentials managed by an IT department. This website would serve as a standalone database, carrying all of the data a company needs to operate efficiently and protected by state-of-the-art firewalls and defense software.

If a company computer were hacked, the offending party could potentially disrupt an entire drive of sensitive data and corrupt all of the information contained within.

However, if said company instead had a master system protected by layers of complex firewalls and other security measures, the only way to access that system would be – you guessed it – with the proper login credentials.

Microsoft and many other technology companies have layers upon layers of intranet systems, but for most businesses, one singular intranet system is plenty to help a company operate securely and efficiently.

Let’s build your company from the inside out.

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