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“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

– Henry Ford

If manufacturers are the center of commerce…

…then a manufacturer’s website is a digital center of global business.

Retailers that order products from a manufacturing company like yours need a simple, easy way to communicate with your team. Should orders pour in over the phone or via email without a centralized system designed to capture all communications, your company can quickly lose track of what orders belong to which customers.

It’s easy to send an email with a scanned order sheet attached, but that’s old-school and frankly, ineffective.

If your company has a poorly-designed system to take orders and provide product information to customers, you won’t be able to effectively track and manage all aspects from order received to order delivered. Fulfilling orders can be complicated enough – we can design a website that takes the hassle away.

You build widgets. We build websites.

One of the staples of our business is designing & building websites for other businesses. If a customer is looking for a full marketing solution, we always look at their website first because all marketing leads back to a sale – this usually occurs on your company website.

When a customer orders from you, they are expecting exactly what they ordered to arrive at the address designated for delivery and within a specific timeframe. The faster your company can manufacture and ship units to your customers, your reputation not only increases but business also increases.

Having a reliable website that provides fast, quality service is the cornerstone of any manufacturing business – really, any business in general.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your company streamline the ordering and fulfillment processes for your customers.


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