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” ‘Make something people want’ includes making a company that people want to work for.”

– Sahil Lavingia

Most small businesses rely heavily on their websites.

When customers want to find out about a company’s products or services, one of the first places they look is its website. It’s the cornerstone of any business, any size, and in any industry. It’s the best place to discover how well the company operates and whether they can be trusted with their information and their money.

If your website looks as if it was built in the late 90’s, then it’s time to rethink your digital strategy.

We’ve built websites for countless clients across the United States and Europe to help them grow their small businesses. We’ve had many customers tell us that we’ve overdelivered on our promises, considering that we charge less than the market demands. We don’t believe in draining our customers’ wallets – we believe in helping businesses thrive by providing high-quality websites and in turn, we receive referrals.

Like you, we love referrals!

So how can a website help your business grow?

Websites tell your story.

When a customer enters a brick-and-mortar store, they go in because it feels good. They know the prices might be high or low, and the selection definitely won’t be on the level of big-box stores, but there’s something…different. Something unique.

Small businesses are, in a way, charming.

There’s a mystique to those who run a small business, feed their family from the profits, and seem to live freely among those who slog every morning to a nine-to-five job that they hate. You’re the small business owner who discovered their passion and struck out on their own to build a dream.

Your business tells a story about who you are, and your website should too.

Websites give you credibility.

If you look around our website, you’ll see that we’ve built quite a reputation in various industries since 2017 when we were founded. We’ve been able to network with many different people and expand our expertise by doing what we do best – digital marketing & content creation.

Let’s say you own a train shop. It’s niche, has a charming appeal to collectors, and there’s a lot of history behind trains. This path of specialty retailing allows you to run the rails in certain directions, but you have to show your customers that you know everything there is to know about train collecting and all of the information surrounding trains in general.

Small business websites provide useful info.

If you want to run a special, offer discounts, or announce an event that your business is hosting, a website is the best place to control all of that information and feed it to external sources. This includes all of your photos, videos, scheduling tools, articles, and even coupons offered by your business to customers.

For instance, the coupon featured here is a rough example of the kind of solid, tangible deals your customers can print out and physically hand to someone in your establishment. If your business is based online, you can simply provide discount codes (e.g., SALE70) that allows your customers to get discounts online during checkout.

Contact us and learn how we can help your business grow.

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