Cassus Media is a full-service marketing and media agency headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. We have served business clients all over the world, and through our work we have been able to provide high-quality services to well-known brands.


In the modern age of technology, websites serve not only as the main point-of-entry to your business but also bring massive value to your brand.

Websites provide information, resources, tools, and invite your visitors to become loyal customers. Whether your website simply provides information and a way to contact your company, or it allows customers to shop directly from an ecommerce store, you need a high-quality and functional website to keep up with your competition.


If your organization or agency needs an advertising solution, we are the experts you’re looking for.

Whether you need someone to run your social media campaigns, require a television commercial to market your product, or simply need Google Ads management, we’re here to help you succeed.

Let Cassus Media worry about the content and the numbers while you focus on making your customers happy!


Sound is key to memory recall, so brands that place importance on unique audio branding have a greater chance of creating a memorable identity. Brands can leverage audio branding to build trust by creating long anthems to tell the brand story and foster a sense of security.

Sound is used in more than marketing and advertising. It’s incorporated in the functionality of products, from the connection sound on Skype to the click of a car door. Proving the importance of sound to the way we interact with products and companies we love.

Interested in creating unique audio for your brand, or want to discuss how a jingle or anthem may take your marketing to the next level? You’ve come to the right place – we are audio marketing experts!


Videos are the most dynamic form of marketing content that any business can use to advertise their goods or services.

We’ve produced videos for well-known brands and celebrities such as Ed Sheeran. The video featured here was edited in post-production for Point Source Audio’s interview with Matt Jones, the lighting director for Ed Sheeran, who purchased the CM-i3 system for his team.

Whether your organization simply needs post-production editing or a full commercial production, we have the network and skilled teams necessary to make it happen.


Photos and design have come a long way since the dawn of the internet, and with it brings the expectation that professional organizations boast high-quality graphics that capture the attention of consumers.

Pixelated, low-resolution graphics are no longer acceptable in an era of 4K televisions and LED computer screens. As pixels and printing technologies become more sophisticated and accurate, the general public only pays attention to graphics and designs that “wow” them.

We want to help your organization make everyone pay attention!

By combining an effective advertising strategy and high-quality graphics, you can bring more attention to what your organization is trying to accomplish on a much larger scale.


Proper grammatical form is incredibly important to many organizations that don’t want a single period, comma, or semicolon out of place. Whether you’re designing a sales funnel landing page, a professional document, or simply need written content to provide substance to your website, we’ve done it all.

We’ve written hundreds of articles for our clients all over the world on a myriad of topics from finance to real estate to music. Our network of business professionals has written hundreds of business proposals, blog pieces, and magazine articles.

If your website needs textual content to fill it with value, or you have documents that need proofread to be error-free, we can help you craft the perfect message in so many words, as they say.


When your organization needs to host an event, we’re here to help you handle all of the logistics from concept to completion.

Events – no matter whether they’re a conference with thousands of attendess or an exclusive webinar for a select group of people – have the ability to not only grow a business but create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Learn how Cassus Media help you plan and execute a successful event for your business or organization.

Cassus Media is a full-service marketing and media agency headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. We have served business clients all over the world, and through our work we have been able to provide high-quality services to well-known brands.

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