Video is the king of content.

The number one content medium on the internet is most definitely video. In fact, it makes up almost 80% of actively consumed content and is the best way to get your customers engaged with your brand.

Video ads for any business.

Below are four example industry ads that showcase different types of messaging.

Knott’s Flight Academy

This video is designed to showcase a flight school. It serves as both a brand awareness and call-to-action (CTA) advertisement.

Beuté Premium Beauty Products

Brands like this example sell in stores and online. Having a high-quality brand awareness ad is vital to attract customer attention.

Angle Investments

This wealth management company commercial shows how Cassus Media can create video advertisements for any kind of finance-focused business.

Potter’s Landscaping

Local landscaping, construction, and other blue-collar industries will benefit from local and online video advertising.

Real videos for real clients.

Here we’ve featured actual videos for companies such as Point Source Audio with Ed Sheeran’s technical director, iClassical Academy for their online masterclasses, and Maller Baroque Brass Instruments that showcase handmade brass instruments.

Matt Jones, Lighting Director

Technical & lighting director Matthew Jones works for Ed Sheeran, one of the world’s best musicians. Point Source Audio interviewed Matt, and Cassus Media produced the final video you see here.

iClassical Academy Masterclasses

When it comes to learning how to play classical music, iClassical Academy is the best source for violinists, cellists, pianists and trumpet players to learn from Master Teachers.

Maller Baroque Brass Instruments

Continuing the work of the late Ronald Collier, David Maller’s business is hand-making brass instruments using 17th-century techniques and equipment.

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