Website Design

Single Page Website: $500
Sales Funnel: $1,500
Custom Website: $5,000

Audio Projects

Podcast Editing: $50/hr
Video Soundtrack: $65/hr
Themed Soundtrack: $40/hr
Mixing & Mastering: $60/hr

Video Production

Stock Footage Ad: $500/60 sec.
Custom Footage Ad: $2,350/60 sec.
Editing & Sound Design: $50/hr.

Graphic Design

Print Materials: $275/project
Logo Design: $300/logo
Billboards: $500
Vehicle Wraps: $650
Newspaper/Print Ad: $175
CPC Ad: $100
Social Banners: $50

Social Media

SMMP Plan: $200/mo

Email Marketing

Per-email rate: $35

Ad/Media Buying

15% agency fee of total ad spend.

360° Marketing Program

Starter: $300/mo ($25/hr, up to 12 hours/mo)
Progress: $600/mo ($30/hr, up to 20 hours/mo)
Growth: $1,200/mo ($30/hr, up to 40 hours/mo)
Professional: $3,500/mo ($43.75/hr, up to 80 hours/mo)
Dedicated: $7,000/mo ($43.75/hr, up to 160 hours/mo)

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