About Cassus Media

Formed in August 2017, Cassus Media LLC was the catalyst for its founder’s multimedia skillsets. Paul Cassarly, a professional musician by trade, left active duty from “The Commandant’s Own” U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps in Washington, D.C. in April 2015. After two years of adjusting to civilian life, he wanted to created his own mission and sense of purpose using his developed multimedia skills in audio, video, and graphic design.

Thus, Cassus Media | Digital Marketing Solutions™ was born.

Like most startups, Cassus Media struggled in its first few years of infancy. Through the Military Veteran community, however, Paul was able to build an impressive portfolio of clients in the U.S. and eventually around the world. Such clients have allowed Paul to rub elbows with big companies and celebrity names like Ed Sheeran, Microsoft, DuPont, Point Source Audio, and more.

Where did “cassus” come from?

According to Google, the Latin definition of ‘cassus’ means “empty”, “vain”, or “fruitless”.

To be honest, this really was just a “Latinization” of Paul’s last name, Cassarly…but it worked.

The main reason behind founding Cassus Media was that Paul could not find any marketing jobs available after he left active duty service from the U.S. Marine Corps. You could say it was a “fruitless” endeavor, so Cassus Media was the planting of Paul’s own “business seed” to make a living the way he wanted to.

The crazy thing is, it worked.

Business owners from both the Veteran a civilian communities started learning about what Paul was doing for businesses, and his business eventually increased. Cassus Media became strongly associated with website design, multimedia, and social media management.

Cassus Media | Digital Marketing Solutions™ is proud to serve its Military Veteran entrepreneur community (nicknamed “Vetpreneurs” by the community itself), as well as all of its non-VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business) clients. If it weren’t for Paul’s fellow Veterans, Cassus Media may never have taken off in the first place.

Save money. Grow online.

Learn what our 360° Marketing Program can do for your company to help you grow your business online!

Helping Businesses Save Money

Once all of Cassus Media’s services were solidified, Paul had the realization that smaller companies simply could not afford more than one full-time marketing employee due to budget restraints. With the average cost of employees in any position being $1,500 to $3,500 per month, marketing jobs are usually the first to go.

“But what if Cassus Media could help businesses save money by providing ALL of its services for one monthly payment that costs less than half of a full-time employee and his/her benefits?”

That’s when the 360° Marketing Program™ came into existence. This is CM’s flagship marketing program, and it covers everything from full website design to podcast editing. The 360° Marketing Program™ is like having an entire team of marketing and web design experts without having to pay benefits, and as a marketing service is also tax-deductible according to the IRS.

Our Mission

The purpose of any business is to solve a problem.

Retail outlets sell clothing and items that people need and/or want for themselves and their families. Landscaping businesses help keep residential and commercial properties looking nice. Construction companies develop housing and business locales for the benefit of their owners and the community at large. Non-profits serve dozens and dozens of different purposes, ultimately raising money for other organizations that make their mission happen.

The mission of Cassus Media is to solve your business problems by finding solutions for your digital marketing struggles. If you need someone to handle your social media, create a video, design and host a website, or even develop a mobile app, we can make it happen for you – not only at a reasonable and competitive price, but with the same if not better quality than high-priced marketing agencies.

A Note From Our Founder

Hey there, I’m Paul Cassarly.

I want to help your business grow online, and I personally guarantee 100% of our work. That why we offer lifetime support for all of our client websites, and I’m personally available to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have about your project(s).

Let’s work together to solve your marketing problems – I’m more than happy to help!

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