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Creative Gigs

These are the people with sounds, colors and shapes running through their head all day.

Social Media Expert

We’re looking for someone who knows online social platforms well, and is willing to post to our clients’ accounts as well as for Cassus Media on a regular basis. If this is you, click this button!

Video Producer

Are you good at storyboarding, working in post-production environments, and editing videos? Well, this might be the job for you! We need someone that we can call on a regular basis to get this work done.

Graphic Designer

If your brain is filled with colors and shapes all day, you can’t go a single day without creating something, and you have a passion for designing new and fun graphics on a regular basis, click here for your next gig!

Administration Gigs

We need people to help us run things on a daily basis and keep everyone on task.

Procurement Officer

If you like talking to people and ensuring that they are aware of our services, then this might be the job for you. We need someone who can call and email other businesses to introduce them to our services.

Data Specialist

We could really use someone who likes working with Excel, organizing data, and identifies as an “expert nerd” when it comes to this kind of stuff. You’d be managing contacts, product lists, and other data.

Virtual Manager

If you like managing people and know how to build an effective virtual team, then this is going to be a fun gig for you! Although it’s part-time to start, all you have to do is monitor a chat on your phone during the day.

Sales Gigs

You’ll earn the most by helping us grow. The sky’s the limit!

Connection Specialist

Our team of Connection Specialists are responsible for spreading the word about our 360° Marketing Program™ to other small businesses around the world. Each successful contract lands you $250/mo passive income.

CS Manager

Our Connection Specialists need someone they can talk to on a regular basis to check in with, get advice from, and generally refer back to with questions, comments, and concerns about their sales ventures.

Direct Sales Representative

Your job is super, super simple: call businesses and ask them if they would be interested in learning more about the 360° Marketing Program™ to increase sales for their organization, brand, or company.

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