Our 360° Approach

When we first introduce to new clients to our 360° Marketing Program™, it can be a bit overwhelming with everything that we offer. That’s why we’ve created this quick guide to help you better understand what this program entails, and how it will help your organization achieve its goals.

What does the program do, exactly?

Instead of paying several unreliable freelancers for various digital services, we consolidate everything you need into one monthly program that gives you the power to request whatever you need from one company, at any time.

All of our marketing services for one monthly price. 🙂

So it’s basically a subscription service?

Yes – the monthly cost is our monthly retainer, billed based on the plan you choose. You can change your plan at any time each month.

Like most subscription services, you have the choice to “unsubscribe” at any time without hassle.

What if we’re a church or non-profit?

Our digital design and marketing services are custom-tailored for every client. If you want to promote your school to increase enrollment, for instance, we’ll use the same proven strategies that businesses use. Fundraising for a charity event? We can do that. Need to rebuild your church, temple, or mosque website and promote special services each month? We got you.

Okay, so how does it work?

Once an authorized representative of your organization has signed the monthly agreement, our team gets to work. We have a three-fold macro approach to establish a solid strategy for your organization’s needs:

1. Website Optimization

We’ll take a look at your website. If it needs rebuilt, we rebuild it. If it needs repaired, we’ll repair it. If your site needs search engine optimization…well, trust us, it does.

2. Social Marketing

Once we’ve satisfactorily completed your website optimization, then we can start promoting various pages, posts, and other elements on your site through social platforms.

3. Ongoing Promotion

Now that we’ve established a solid baseline, our team can move forward with other marketing efforts online and offline, if necessary. Any of our services are available while subscribed!

Would we ever be “locked in”?

The ONLY time we require a “locked” agreement is if you do not already have an existing website. This is to ensure that our team has the adequate amount of time to properly purchase a domain name and/or establish branded emails, build your website, optimize it, and create all the necessary integrations as we work toward increasing site visibility online.

“Locked” timeframes last based on the plan that you choose against our normal website pricing.

For example, our Custom Website pricing is $5,000. If you are enrolled in the Starter Plan of the 360° Marketing Program™, your “locked” term is equivalent to 17 months, after which your website has been “paid in full” and converts to a month-to-month state. Landing pages (one-page sites), on the other hand, are only $500, so your “locked” term would only be 2 months.

Locked agreements are subject to our Custom Website design terms until your site has been paid in full.

What if we start our plan in the middle of the month?

We won’t charge you until the 1st of the next full month…so if you want to sign up, sign your agreement during the first week of the month to get the most “bang” for your buck.

All plans are “prepaid”, and due by the 15th of each month. If you’re late, no big deal – that’s just our Net 15 terms for accounting purposes.

Can we switch plans?

Absolutely! New plan changes will start on the 1st of the following month, and we’ll invoice accordingly. We’re very flexible and understanding of each client, so if you’re having a rough month, it’s not a problem.

Does this apply to government as well?

Yes. In fact, Cassus Media is currently subcontracted with a few different state-level agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Certified Small Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE). We are always open to new opportunities and willing to participating in prime and subcontracting opportunities.

This program is offered to government agencies and organizations at any level, and this program will be specially modified to meet the needs of each RFP.

For more information, visit this page to view Our Capabilities.

Can we assign a project manager?

Absolutely – we have several clients who assign a specific person to work with our team.

Do you provide customer service?

In short, no – however, we may be able to answer your customer’s questions on social media channels if you specifically request it. Questions would be answered in a block of time determined by your team each week.

The BEST way to handle social media customer service is to direct your customer to your website, and we can set up an auto-responder if necessary.

What social media sites do you help with?

All of them.

“But what about…”

Yes, that one too.

Will we get a Return On Investment (ROI)?

To answer this question, we should do a little bit of math.

If you spend $300/mo on our Starter Plan and end up making $600 more in sales each month, you’re making a 200% return (+100% profit).

To hire a marketer fresh out of college might cost you, at minimum, $15/hour – even part-time. These employees generally work at minimum 20 hours per week, which is approximately $1,300.00 per month:


If you consider the fact that said employee can only do one thing at a time, and our entire team can cover WAY more tasks quickly for the monthly price, and automate a lot of your business…

…well then yes, you’re definitely getting an ROI!

What if we need to pause or cancel services?

Simple: no problem. It’s just business, after all!

If pausing services (clients may pause if an organization is seasonal or has a late budget approval, for example) then we’ll keep all of your files intact until you return. Cassus Media has a one-year file retainment policy.

If cancelling services completely, your organization will have ninety (90) calendar days to download your files (to be delivered via Dropbox) on your company computers, servers, etc. After this time, we’ll notify your team that your files will be erased permanently from our storage.

Seasonal businesses will need to consider how they want to handle the off-season, and special considerations can be made for each client.

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