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Cassus Media is seeking affiliates for its 360° Marketing Program™ to earn by simply sharing a unique link!

What you can earn:

This is an opportunity to earn an unlimited, uncapped amount of commissions each month and is 100% determined by your effort and drive to close deals. For example:

1 Account = $250/mo ($3,000/year)
5 Accounts = $1,250/mo ($15,000/year)
10 Accounts = $2,500/mo ($30,000/year)
20 Accounts = $5,000/mo ($60,000/year)
50 Accounts = $12,500/mo ($150,000/year)

…no, we’re not kidding. This position could easily help you scale your residual income to a six-figure salary within a few months if you’re willing to call, text, visit, or email businesses.

What you’ll be recommending and referring:

Our 360° Marketing Program™ is a monthly subscription for small to mid-sized businesses that helps them save money while Cassus Media does all of their marketing in the background. We provide audio, video, graphic design, social media management, website design, and other marketing services for one payment each month.*

Ready? Let’s get started!

Fill out the form below to be emailed about this affiliate opportunity!

*Starter Plans are ineligible for the Connection Specialist referral program.

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