Digital Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business In 2022

Feb 4, 2022

Most consumers are present in the digital landscape — which means your business needs to meet them halfway through effective digital marketing strategies. It’s definitely time to become more digitally savvy, since Google revealed that businesses that adapted digital marketing practices were able to grow their revenue by 2.8 times.

But since the digital landscape shifts quickly, you need to keep your marketing strategies up-to-date. Here’s how you can get your target audience’s attention this year:

Zero-click Searches

You need to strengthen your SEO strategy more than ever because audiences are cutting down on the links that they open. Google has changed several things about its layout, which is causing consumers to lessen clicks on various links. Google’s Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panel innovations allow readers to gauge whether your links are relevant or not, which means first impressions matter more now than ever.

In this case, ranking on search engine algorithms is key to establishing relevance for your brand and products. For instance, Google’s PageRank algorithm will put you on the front page based on the number of pages that link out to your content. On top of that, they use text-matching techniques to feature the most relevant pages to a reader’s query. You’ll have to meet these standards to increase the chances of customers actually clicking your website page.

Content Segmentation

Content segmentation may have been around for a while, but this year digital marketers are expected to be more flexible on this front. Garner states that 23% of businesses lack a strong customer data foundation, so they end up creating strategies that make consumers scroll away.

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To create relevant and engaging content each time, companies need to make use of basic marketing psychology principles. Marketing psychology allows you to understand your consumers and create marketing strategies that build brand awareness and drive sales. By understanding the differences between consumer groups, you can build strategies that encourage people to view and buy.

Artificial Intelligence

Aside from using marketing psychology, you also need to amp up your tech skills and integrate tools like artificial intelligence (AI) into your strategy. AI-driven marketing tools can gather and analyze past data at record speeds and identify which content strategies work best for your consumers. Through analyzing the digital behavior of your consumers, these automated tools can ensure that you’re on the top of your followers’ social media pages.

These marketing tools can then automate your marketing strategy by releasing your content to the right channels at the most optimal periods to increase your engagement. You won’t have to worry about posting schedules anymore!

Product Storytelling

There’s no need to craft marketing fairy tales— but you still need to present information about your product in an engaging manner. Consumers are constantly hearing about how companies’ goods and services are better than the rest. But it’s time to change the script.

Instead of talking about how your product is better than the rest, show your consumers how it can change their lives. Use stories or customer testimonials to illustrate that your product or service can be used to address their pain points. Building effective product narrative helps you pull away from the crowd and allows your customers to remember your products better.

Get Creative This 2022

It’s time to change up your marketing strategy this year. Given that consumer behaviors have changed, pulling ahead of your competition means putting together a strategy that’s on trend, adaptable, and evidence-based. With the above tips, your company could be on its way there.

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