This proposal is to outline the specifications of how Cassus Media | Digital Marketing Solutions™ intends to market and grow Acme LLC to its customers both online and offline to increase revenue and reduce marketing costs.


Increase Website Traffic

Your company website is where interested prospects can view more information about your company, your quality of products and services, testimonials, and other info.

Generate More Calls & Emails

Using proven and industry-specific marketing techniques, we will generate more phone calls and emails to save you time from prospecting for new customers.

Benefits of the 360° Marketing Program™ for

Acme LLC
This program is designed to save money while increasing company revenue. We accomplish this by providing all marketing services that we offer in a single monthly package at $1,000/mo in lieu of a full-time marketing employee. This program will help Acme LLC by increasing its number of cleaning contracts in its sales region without the need to pay a full-time marketing employee with benefits.

12-Month Timeline

1st Month

This month we will focus on revamping your brand, creating and publishing content to establish a marketing rhythm, and create a consistent content presence on social media.

2nd Month

This month we’ll add email marketing goals and establish a platform strategy with your software of choice (Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.). Cassus Media will compile lists of potential customers from publicly available information for use in email marketing campaigns.

3rd Month

Offline marketing is just as important as online marketing. These elements are billboards, vehicle wraps, business cards, and other branded assets that you can use to increase brand awareness and gain a competitive advantage in your sales region.

4th Month

Video campaigns – television, YouTube, and social media – are increasingly important to getting your brand in front of potential customers.

Business To Business (B2B) marketing requires high-quality, dynamic content such as proof-of-work video examples, standard brand awareness commercials, and even customer testimonials.

Business To Consumer (B2C) marketing also depends on high-quality, dynamic content, but is more focused to the individual than on a “business solution” and how it benefits the individual.

5th to 12th Months

Business as usual. This period of time is where we will use the campaigns in place to perform A/B testing, analytical data analysis, and other technical marketing information to determine what is working and what isn’t.

We will also use this period of time to take advantage of seasonal holidays & events, increase brand credibility in your industry, and establish market dominance.

If you agree with this proposal and would like to start this program, just email me at paul@cassusmedia.com. I’ll send over the 12-month agreement for signature, and then provide you with your login information. I’m excited to work with you!

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