The Importance Of Raw Video: Exploring Top Stock Footage Websites

Oct 10, 2023

Easy-to-access Pre-graded Stock Footage

Easy-to-access, pre-graded stock video footage that comes with a stunning color grade can be a great help when you’re on a tight schedule and have no need to edit footage heavily, especially if the clips fit your project’s aesthetic. But, there are major limitations. Its inflexibility can restrict your creativity in editing and maintaining a consistent visual tone when using this footage in your project could be challenging. Many professionals feel this pain.

What is Raw Stock Footage?

By definition, raw stock footage refers to unedited, unprocessed video footage typically captured in high definition. The term ‘raw’ implies that the video’s data has been preserved in its purest form, offering the highest degree of flexibility and creative control during the editing process. Just as a chef appreciates raw ingredients for their potential to create extraordinary culinary creations, video producers cherish raw footage for the unmatched quality and flexibility it provides. Raw footage is the unedited material directly from the camera.

Raw Video Storage Challenges

So, why is it so hard to store? You can think of raw video files like giant blocks of marble. To the untrained eye, they seem unmanageably large and unwieldy. Raw video files often take up much more space than their compressed counterparts, making them a considerable storage burden. Yet, it’s this very nature that makes these raw files so precious. They contain all the initial details captured during filming. Each lighting nuance, color, and texture is preserved, waiting to be sculpted by the editor’s imaginative hand. Fortunately, numerous online platforms have done the hard part for you, providing a seamless way to access, share, and store raw footage without compromising on quality.

Platform Comparison

1. Findstory: Findstory proves that you don’t need to compromise on quality for affordable pricing. Their platform boasts an extensive selection of footage shot on premium equipment, catering to diverse needs. With new clips added every day, you’re sure to find the footage you need for your creative project. Pricing and offers: Findstory operates on a subscription model starting at $29 per month, which lets you download an unlimited number of videos. They also offer an annual package that brings down the monthly cost. Among the perks included are 4K videos, exclusive content, and personal use licensing. However, commercial licensing requires additional fees. Raw files are included in plans starting 99$/month for unlimited downloads. They also offer free video collections with raw footage for all registered users.

2. is an exclusive stock footage platform that provides cinematic clips in 4K and 8K resolution. Filmmakers especially appreciate the flexibility of using raw files to achieve their vision. The ability to control the color grading and post-production aspects is a big plus. Pricing and offers: offers various subscription plans that can be tailored to meet individual needs. Their monthly subscription costs $79 per month and is limited to 50 downloads. The footage provided is of the highest quality, shot with state-of-the-art cinema-grade cameras. Subscribers enjoy unrestricted access to a vast library of raw, ungraded footage, which allows for greater flexibility and customization in post-production. This platform mainly focuses on raw 4K and 8K video, so its pricing reflects the premium nature of its content. However, they frequently offer discounts and promotional deals which make it a competitive option in the market.

3. FilmSupply: FilmSupply is well-regarded for its thoroughly curated collection of stock footage. Aside from raw videos, they also offer licensing services for original music, making it a cinch for creators to find the complementing sounds to their visuals. Licensing packages vary, catering to both individual creators and large corporations.

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